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Solutions for Sustainable, Responsible Businesses

Helping you close the gap between sustainability strategy and execution

Empowering Small and Medium Businesses

Meet Concentric Impact – sustainability solutions designed with a lean approach to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. Concentric Impact can help you strategically manage sustainability issues that matter to customers, employees, and other stakeholders who are important to the success of your business.

Sustainability is good business strategy. If you’re like most people, you probably associate sustainability with doing the right thing for the environment. That’s true, and it’s about more than that. For successful organizations, it translates to a triple-bottom-line of superior economic, environmental, and social performance.



Impact assessment – identify the environmental and social responsibility metrics that are important for your business.

Information management – establish tools to track your metrics, from simple spreadsheets to enterprise software depending our your business needs.

Data collection – determine the sources and methods of gathering business data for your metrics.


Process development – establish a standard practice for sustainability management and incorporate it into your operations.

Strategy – prioritize your sustainability metrics to make a plan for immediate action and set goals for developing more sophisticated practices over time.

Performance management – establish baselines for your sustainability metrics, set targets for performance, monitor progress, and find opportunities for improvement.


Standards-based reporting – establish credibility for your sustainability practices by using a reputable reporting standard, like the GRI Standards.

Sustainability micro-sites – make environmental and social responsibility part of your everyday interactions with a dedicated website to tell your story.

Supplier sustainability ratings – retain existing contracts and gain an edge on procurement opportunities that have sustainability performance requirements.

The Business Case

With sustainability comes the need for accountability. Our expertise provides a structured approach to managing environmental and social responsibility in conjunction with economic performance. We are strategic, always focusing on issues that are relevant to your business.

Businesses that want to stay competitive need a sustainability strategy. The need is being driven by corporate supply chain requirements and consumer expectations, as well as lenders and investors who are factoring sustainability risks into their decisions. According to the trends, large corporations have taken huge strides to address the need. Small and medium businesses can gain an advantage by doing the same, but they lag behind large corporations in adopting practices to manage sustainability issues. Small businesses in particular struggle to implement sustainable practices, often due to limited resources and know-how. Concentric Impact is on a mission to make it easier and make sustainability more accessible for smaller organizations.