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Automation and outsourcing services to power your quote-to-cash business process.

Connect siloed apps, automate steps, and eliminate workload challenges in your revenue-driving workflow.

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Are you striving to grow your b2b service business, but finding yourself stuck at a crucial crossroads? Scaling up from a small team to the next level is a challenge.

As your business expands, so do the demands on back-office processes, pulling attention away from customer priorities and hindering growth potential. It’s a daunting task to balance investments in technology, talent acquisition, and retaining existing staff, all while operating within tight time and budget constraints.

Enter Concentric Impact – your partner in conquering the growth dilemma. We understand that investing in technology and talent shouldn’t be an either/or decision. By strategically integrating technology and talent where they yield the greatest impact, we help you create a seamless workflow that drives efficiency and growth.

Partner with Concentric Impact to

Focus on Core Activities

Free up time so your team can focus on more complex, value-added activities that elevate service quality. Automation can quickly handle routine, repetitive steps in your process, and with fewer errors. Outsourced staff add a layer of support to your core team, relieving workload stress that hinders advancement.

Scale with Confidence

Adapt to market demands without major investments. Targeted automation can handle increased workloads faster, and without proportional increases in staff. For labor intensive tasks, outsourced staffing is the flexible way to expand your team incrementally with highly-qualified and reliable talent.

Manage Overhead Costs

Get more impact out of your overhead spending, whether you want to reduce overall costs or re-allocate budget to specific priorities. Automation can significantly reduce ongoing costs and enable scale for repetitive tasks. When there’s no substitute for talent, outsourced staffing is a smart, cost-effective part of your operations strategy.

Quote-to-Cash Focus

The quote-to-cash process in service businesses encompasses the end-to-end activities involved in selling services to customers, from creating an initial quote to collecting payment. Optimizing the quote-to-cash process allows service firms to improve cash flow, shorten sales cycles, and deliver superior service, driving growth and profitability in a competitive marketplace.

The quote-to-cash process flows through multiple business functions and roles including marketing & sales, project management, accounting, and customer service. Each function typically uses different software applications including CRM, client portals, document management, project management, and accounting software in addition to standard business apps like email, documents, and spreadsheets.

How the process typically unfolds…
  1. Proposal & Quoting: It starts with creating a detailed proposal or quote for a customer, outlining the scope of services, pricing, and terms. Sales teams often use CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software to tailor services to customer needs and ensure accurate pricing.
  2. Contract Management: Once the quote is accepted, the next step involves drafting and negotiating contracts that detail the services to be provided, timelines, and payment terms. Contract management software streamlines this process, ensuring compliance and facilitating contract lifecycle management.
  3. Project Management: Unlike businesses dealing in physical goods, service-oriented firms like consulting usually do not manage inventory but instead focus on delivering services over time through projects. Project management software is crucial here, helping teams plan, execute, and monitor service delivery in stages, ensuring alignment with the agreed-upon scope and timelines.
  4. Service Delivery: The delivery of services, whether at one time or in progressive milestones, is an important point in the revenue cycle. It’s when the customer takes receipt of the work and owes payment for it. This stage requires close collaboration between the client, client-facing staff, and back-office staff to ensure services are delivered according to the contract and the progress is communicated efficiently for billing.
  5. Billing: Billing in service businesses is often linked to project milestones or time-based billing. Billing software that integrates with project management tools can automate the invoicing process, ensuring that invoices reflect project progress and any agreed-upon milestones.
  6. Revenue Recognition: Recognizing revenue in a service business can be complex, especially when services are delivered over time. Accounting software helps manage this by tracking revenue associated with specific projects or services, in compliance with financial standards.
  7. Collections: The final step involves collecting payment from the customer. Collections software can help automate this process, sending reminders and managing the receivables process to ensure timely payments.


Work Automation

Revolutionize your quote-to-cash process with custom automation solutions. We specialize in optimizing your business processes, integrating your applications, and automating your workflows to save time and reduce errors.

Workflow Optimization: Streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency.

Process Documentation: Define and document your processes to system-ize your back-office.

App Integration: Connect your siloed applications for a cohesive workflow.

Task Automation: Automate routine tasks to focus on higher-value work.

Managed Services

Outsource your routine tasks to our team with confidence, and leave the management to us. We offer part-time support in Bookkeeping, Marketing Operations, Customer Support, and IT Administration.

Expertise: Specialized professionals in each service area.

Local Account Management: A dedicated representative for your account.

Flexible Support: Part-time support in 20% FTE increments to fit your workload requirements.

Transparent Task Tracking: A work management system to monitor and collaborate on tasks.

Offshore Staffing

Expand your team with skilled offshore talent – fully integrated with your existing staff and management. We handle recruiting, HR, and compliance offshore, and help you implement processes for successful remote-work.

Skilled Talent: Access to a wide pool of skilled, experienced professionals.

Seamless Integration: Staff who integrate with your existing team, working as remote employees.

Compliance and HR: We handle all HR and compliance aspects offshore.

Remote Work Implementation: Assistance in setting up effective remote work processes.